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For your "Fourteen Day Free Trial" click here.  For a sample of a Patriot / Veteran website click here.

  Features: Create a Album with your favorite photos, upload your favorite music, upload your favorite Audio or Videos, Create a Timeline, Create a Family Tree, Light a Memorial Candle, Leave a Tribute or Condolences narrative, Create their Legacy, Create an About page or obituary of your loved one, send and receive gifts, and more,     
  Sample Themes:  
  Holiday Memories Memory Of Classic Butterflies and Rainbows  
  Sun Flowers Hearts Leaves  
  Music Lilac Flowers Sports  
  Patriot / Veteran Blue Sky Angels  
  Garden Gift of Life All American  
  Sunset Baby Blue Baby Pink  
  Honoring Mom Honoring Child    


To start your "Fourteen Day Free Trial" click here.